State of the Industry - Quarterly Review

Every quarter we will be looking at trends and news impacting the logistics industry. We’ll touch on some important news related topics that have affected the state of the industry and show some year-over-year information on load-to-truck ratios, fuel costs, tonnage, and rate trends.

Here’s what you need to know from 1Q 2018:

  • FMCSA gives Ag Haulers 90-Day extension on waiver from ELD Rule. On March 13, Joe DeLorenzo, director of FMCSA’s office of compliance and enforcement, announced that an additional 90-day waiver was being issued on March 18 from the ELD rule for agriculture-related transportation. The waiver has been issued in an attempt to continue working on outreach communication with the ag community to assure they have the fullest understanding of the ELD rule and the requirements that accompany the regulation.
  • According to the annual State of the North American Supply Chain survey, a strong economy has three out of every four shippers planning to route more freight through 2018 than last year. Shippers still note that the lack of truckload capacity is a challenge. This will encourage shippers to seek in broadening their LTL partnerships with carriers. Shippers may also choose to shift some freight from trucks to other modes, such as intermodal and airfreight.
  • Load-to-truck ratios, fuel cost, and rates all increased from this time last year.


State of the Industry Infographic-2-01

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